The meals are freshly cooked according to your order and have a shelf life of at least 7 days after delivery at refrigerator temperature.

You can also freeze the meals easily to extend the shelf life.

The meals can be frozen without any problems. For consumption, we recommend leaving the food to thaw in the refrigerator overnight.

The meals can be warmed up in the microwave, pan or steam cooker.

Remove the foil, remove the sauce container, heat the menu tray with the food for about 3-4 minutes at about 700W in the microwave.

If it has to go fast or you don't have a microwave on site, you can also eat the dishes cold.

We only use fresh ingredients and high quality meat from German livestock. For the most part, our ingredients are sourced from regional sources. The result is a healthy, high quality meal that tastes great.

No, we only use natural ingredients, true to our motto: "eat clean, be fit".

Yes, the meals are ideal for allergy sufferers. With our 4-component concept you always know exactly what is in the dishes. Only the sauces should be checked beforehand if you have an allergy. If necessary, these can be left out without any problems.

Packing & Shipping

We regularly supply companies with our delicious meals. Healthy eating in the office is becoming more and more important. prepmymeal offers the perfect solution, especially for companies without their own canteen.

Order with your colleagues and have your meals delivered directly to the workplace.

You work in a company with at least 50 employees and would like our refrigerator solution? Write to the

You can give us a parking permit while ordering, e.g. in front of the front door, at the neighbor's or on the terrace. If you do not specify anything and you are not at home for the delivery, your package will be sent to the nearest parcel shop. You can pick it up there the same evening.

We try to rely as much as possible on ecological and recyclable packaging materials.

You can dispose of the straw panels in organic waste.

The prepmymeal box is made of recyclable cardboard, which you can dispose of in waste paper.

The cooling batteries are harmless to humans and nature. These can be used for your next picnic or easily disposed of in the residual waste.

The new prepmymeal menu trays are mostly made of recyclable cardboard, only a thin foil inside ensures that the food can be packed airtight. You can simply peel this foil off and recycle it over the yellow ton.

You can choose your delivery day yourself during the order.

We supply Tue, Wed, Thu & Fr.

The meals come by Morning-Express, between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. so that the goods are with you as soon as possible.

If you're not home at the time, this isn't a problem.

Give us a parking permit, e.g. on your doorstep, in the garage, in the UPS store, and look forward to your delicious and healthy dishes after work.

We deliver throughout Germany, directly to your home or workplace.

We deliver throughout Germany with UPS Express. In this way we enable you to have the shortest possible delivery time and you have the guarantee that your food will stay refrigerated and fresh during transport.

The shipping costs are 4.90 €.

Our certified cooling packages guarantee you optimal cooling during transport. We use ecological straw insulation in combination with cooling elements to keep your food cooled and fresh during transport.


You own a gym, a CrossFit box or want to sell prepmymeal in your store?

Please send us an e-mail to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Would you like to have your Meal-Box weekly without additional order stress?

Go on and order your delicious and healthy Meal box with the desired delivery interval.